Funtoo - ImportError: No module named 'portage'

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Gentoo-power.png Technology should be fun, powerful and free.

Goal: try to solve this issue with command ego sync: ImportError: No module named portage

Issue and solution

One day I have updated my system with Python 3_4 flags and broke my system.

Follow here under to solve the issue:

$ sudo vim /etc/portage/package.use
# added with comment: solve problem for ego sync
>=app-admin/ego-2.4.2 python_targets_python3_6
>=sys-apps/portage-2.3.47 python_targets_python3_6

Then I selected Python 3_6 as default for my system with

$ sudo eselect python list
$ sudo eselect python set 4

Then I reinstalled ego with:

$ sudo emerge --ask ego

After this I just ran:

$ ego sync

And everything works back like it should ^^, the main issue was that one day I updated my system with some python 3_4 flags and broke a part of the system, nothing to worried about or no need to re-install from scratch ^^

Cheers and have fun :-)