MAC - How to delete Time Machine snapshots

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MAC - How to delete Time Machine snapshots?

Sometime you can see your disk space up is taking a lot of space and you cannot find why or what is using that space, you can see this if you open Disk Utility and the taken space is greyed out and labeled Other Volumes. This is maybe because your MAC is taken local snapshot and this with time will end up taking space.

The behavior itself is expected, this is managed by TimeMachine and when you start to backup your MAC to it, it will delete these snapshot, but sometime you will have to manage them manually, in order to regain some space.

You can achieve this with the following:

List snapshot that are taking space on your MAC:

 tmutil listlocalsnapshots /

You should then see:

 Snapshots for disk /:

Delete snapshot that are taking space on your MAC:

 sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2021-05-28-174740

This will delete the first snapshot listed with tmutil listlocalsnapshots / command, you need to repeat this as much you want to delete them.