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It focuses on simplicity and elegance.

Solus is a very light linux distribution and it focused on end user experience.

Package management in Solus:

Install: sudo eopkg install &package

Reinstall: sudo eopkg install --reinstall &package

Removal: sudo eopkg remove &package

Info: sudo eopkg info &package

Upgrading: sudo eopkg upgrade

Search: sudo eopkg search package

Managing and searching repo(s):

Add a repo: sudo add-repo name_of_repo url_to_repo

Remove repo: sudo remove-repo name_of_repo

Enable repo: sudo enable-repo name_of_repo

Disable repo: sudo disable-repo name_of_repo

Update repo: sudo update-repo (if no name_of_repo, all repo updating)

List repo: sudo list-repo


Delete cache sudo eopkg delete-cache

History cache sudo eopkg history

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